“New Faces involved more than 1,000 new entrants as paid employees, artists, volunteers, board members - and in many other roles.”

Dozens of cultural institutions in the Netherlands were advised and supported by New Faces to work with newcomers.

What is New Faces

New Faces supports cultural organizations in the Netherlands to work with newcomers. Newcomers can be deployed anywhere! For example, festivals and other cultural organizations continue to work with newcomers as paid employees, volunteers, board members, sounding board members and artists.
You may know that many newcomers have little chance of participating, staying active and expanding their network in their environment.
This is often no different for people who are still at AZC. Building a new network is a key for many to find a place in society and gaining work experience is essential to get paid work.
To date, New Faces counts a large number of alumni, spread across the country, such as:

• Lowlands
• Into the Great Wide Open
• Eurosonic Noorderslag
• Welcome to the Village
• Explore the North
• Amsterdam Roots Festival
• Festival September Me
• Pop round Netherlands
• Amsterdam Dance Event
• Le Guess Who?
• Netherlands Film Festival

Many organizations also work independently with the New Faces Toolkit, which means that the impact is enormous and autonomous. Be sure to use the New Faces toolkit if you want to work with newcomers yourself.

Do you have any questions or do you need help with your project? Mail Hooman Nassimi, the project leader of New Faces via hoomannassimi@societyinmotion.nl

New Faces is a proud alumnus of Innofest. Testing innovation? See innofest.co
New Faces is made possible in collaboration with VSBfonds and the Province of Fryslân.


Give your festival a huge diversity boost without any hassle!

Does your organization and / or your volunteer pool lack diversity? Wouldn't it be awesome to involve newcomers from all over the world; get all those new stories and cultures? Did you always wanted to make your festival a lot more inclusive but, yeah, didn't know how? Or would you like to give newcomers, permit holders, refugees and any and all new people support to get their new lives going? Then you still have the time to start this year with "New Faces"!

Since 2017 we have worked with all kinds of festivals, small and large, to involve newcomers. All do's and don'ts, questions about language(s), finances and everything, everything else, we have compactly summarized in our 'toolkit' (attached, for free!). This is the answer to all questions about inclusiveness and newcomers!

Doubts about what his project really, actually delivers? That's why we also did social impact research, which you'll find within the toolkit. Yeah, sorry, we really did try our best so you that there won't be any reason not to involve newcomers! You know what? It's actually tons of fun; let's get going! 🙂 Need help or some support? Questions? Comments? Send them to info@newfacesatfestivals.nl. We promise you an answer within 24 hours. Celebrate together!



Mail: info@Newfacesatfestivals.nl